Bets: Quantity or quality?

In addition to the different strategies and the large number of types of bets that we can find, the goal of all bettors is the same, to make money . It seems easy, but really only a relatively low percentage of punters are able to make a profit on a regular basis .

There is a debate about the two classes of bettors that there are (always speaking broadly), those who achieve a high yield with a low number of bets and those who, with a very high number of bets, achieve a lower yield , but positive , both achieving very similar benefits in the final balance.

Clear example of these two types of forecasters

  • 20% yield on 25 forecasts (in one month). Benefits of 5 units .
  • 5% yield on 100 forecasts (in one month). Profit of 5 units .

At the end of the month, as you can see, both tipsters got the same benefits , which in the end is what really matters, so who is better is something very personal and that really does not depend on the method used. Well, as the saying goes “every teacher has his booklet” , and on a personal level the only thing that matters are the benefits.

Although there is no difference in results in whether someone is a big better or a low better if he maintains a profit, there may be a difference if he is a regular tipster .

Which tipster to follow?

If we want to follow a tipster, it is always easier to follow someone who, with fewer picks, gets the same profit as someone with more picks . The reason why is very simple, and it is that in order to get similar benefits to those of the tipster we are following, we have to make his same bets if possible at the same odds that he has made.

If we follow 100 picks monthly, it is more likely that we will miss some, or that we will bet on one at a considerably lower price than if we follow 25, it is simply a matter of probability .

This does not imply that you should not follow tipsters who make a lot of bets, but you do have to be aware of the problem that having to follow so many tips can mean , because if, for example, instead of 100 picks per month, it is 300 per month (10 a day) it is very possible that our results will end up being considerably different from those of the tipster .