Development of the game in Poker Texas Holdem

The variety of Texas Holdem is the most played in the world and of course the most popular on the internet. In this variant of poker , each player has 2 of their own cards and 5 community cards are shown on the table that all players can use to build their hands.

Each player’s hand will consist of the best possible combination of 5 cards in which the 2 own cards, one of them, or neither can be used. Logically, from the community cards, 3, 4 or all 5 can be used, as we see in the examples:



Player 1: Uses only one hole card, the (Three of a kind, first kicker Q, second kicker 10)
Player 2: Uses both hole cards (Double pair QQ and 33 with Ace kicker)



Player 1: 
Player 2: ,

Both players do not use any of their cards since their best possible play is the one that appears on the table, therefore they would tie the pot.


The movements that each player can make are to pass (check), bet (bet), raise (raise) or throw (fold).

Each of these moves must be made in each of the 4 betting rounds that make up a hand, which are the Preflop, the Flop, the Turn and the River .

In the Preflop , players will bet with the only information of their hole cards. The first to speak will be the seat immediately following the big blind, and in clockwise order, the turn will end with the player who posted the big blind.

On the flop , 3 community cards are dealt. This round is the most important as it will almost always decide the course of the hand. If our hole cards don’t connect here, they hardly will on the following streets. Seeing the texture of the flop we are going to determine the options that plays such as flush or straight are fulfilled and we will also be able to know the subjective value of our hand

The first to speak will be the player who occupies the seat of the small blind or small blind, while the last to do so will be the button or dealer. This turn determination will be established for subsequent rounds as well.

On the turn , one more community card is revealed after which the betting round occurs.

On the river , the fifth and last card is placed on the table. Then the last betting round is made and if 2 or more players reach this point without throwing their cards, they will be shown (showdown) to see who is the winner of the hand.

The different plays and possible tiebreakers will be a topic that we will see in the next article.