Many of the rules of the ethical plan, which are followed in life, are quite applicable in virtual poker rooms. But still there are specific points in the difference. Let’s try to consider some of them.

In theory, any player always has the right to leave the game at any time, taking all his chips. As you understand, when playing with real people, you usually get comments such as “you won and you want to leave with our money and you won’t even let me win back? Not good…”.

True, such things are usually said by beginners, but nevertheless. Although, of course, experienced players treat such players with less respect, because, as in any game, the participant himself decides when, with whom and for how long to play!

Now think about it, you can’t say that online. The player just disconnected from the Internet and that’s it. He can no longer be persuaded to stay in the game.

Impossible online and conflicts. After all, you can’t throw chips at the dealer or manipulate cards there. And in a club, this is possible by players who do not control themselves and thereby show disrespect to all the players.

On the Internet, many things are available to you that are better not to abuse in life. In online poker, you can leave the table at any time, take a break, go to another table with all your chips.

You can not be distracted and distract your opponents during the game. Use the main languages, usually English and Russian, and in the virtual space, usually only English.

Remember that, as a rule, experienced players will always treat you with respect. Therefore, adhere to the rules of etiquette both in life and on the Internet. And then, in the face of more professional players, you will receive invaluable advice that will lead you to a successful game in the end.