Everything you need to know about casino bosses

Have you ever wondered what floor managers do in a casino? If you’re watching from a card table, this job might seem pretty easy. However, you would probably think it was difficult if you saw a casino floor manager trying to manage all the dealers, cashiers, servers, and other staff that work in the casino. The casino floor manager is also in charge of training new employees and encouraging all existing employees to improve their performance. Therefore, you may need to consider a couple of points to become an accomplished casino floor manager. If you are serious about a career as a casino floor manager, this guide is for you.

What is a casino floor manager?

A casino floor manager is the general manager of a casino. He spends most of his time on the casino floor, making sure that the players follow all the established rules. They track and monitor transactions, resolve player disputes, spot common cheats, train new hires, direct players to restrooms, and more.

What are the requirements to become a floor manager at a casino?

Although no prior education is required for this position, casinos will ask anyone who wants a career as a casino floor manager to have the right qualifications and experience. Previous experience on the casino floor is preferred, and typically a floor manager has previously worked as a dealer in the casino. It is essential that pit bosses know how to play all table games, as they will ensure that players follow the rules of various games for an entire turn. 

A successful pit boss must possess remarkable managerial skills and have extensive knowledge of  casino games . In addition, they must be able to resolve disputes between players and deal with difficult situations, as well as having the ability to multitask, as they will be monitoring more than one situation at a time. Pit managers have a high school diploma or GED, and casinos can provide applicants with additional training on how to manage paperwork and how to play certain casino games. 

The right personality

Not everyone has the right personality to become a successful casino floor manager. A great pit boss should be personable and friendly to make players feel welcome and comfortable. But that alone is not enough. They must be authoritative and well-informed to give them an advantage in case of disputes. It is also important that a pit boss is fair and able to treat everyone with the same degree of respect and fairness, even if they are former colleagues. Also, they have to pay close attention to detail as they have to keep everything under control on the casino floor. It is the pit boss who deals with difficult situations, such as angry players and lying employees. 

A pit boss must strike the right balance between being authoritative and friendly. A talented pit boss will know how to make players feel at home while displaying impressive leadership skills. They have a moral responsibility to make decisions neutrally, but they also need to express their opinion courteously. Maintaining this balance between being courteous and decisive is probably the hardest, but most important part of being a good pit boss.  

Casinos choose candidates who have inherent skills that can be applied to the job, but the required skills can also be learned over time. There are a number of courses on negotiation skills, people management and quick thinking. These are definitely some of the most important skills that a floor manager must have to do a good job in a casino. 

Casino Floor Manager Responsibilities

The responsibilities of a casino floor manager have changed considerably over the years. For starters, today the pit boss is commonly responsible for running a handful of pits with table  games . However, previously his sole responsibility was to oversee all events in the casino. The main objective of a casino floor manager remains the same, which is to ensure that players play in a free, fair and friendly environment. 

Here are some of their responsibilities:

Resolve disputes between players

In a casino setting, tempers are bound to run high. There will be occasional disputes on slots and table games due to player or dealer error. In that case, the pit boss will act as the final authority with respect to any irregularities. If the pit boss cannot handle the situation, he can turn to the casino manager or regulatory authority. Therefore, a deep understanding of the rules of the game is a must for the pit boss. 


The paperwork required in a casino can be immense. With that being said, floor managers are responsible for managing casino paperwork. They handle shift changes, regular scheduling, dealer schedules, staff time off, vacations, etc. They also handle floor paperwork, such as table wins and losses, and procedures for credits, refills, and table inventory.

Pit bosses are trained to recognize problems and prevent players from counting cards, cheating, and engaging in scams as well.

They prepare daily shift reports for the shift managers. After business hours, the paperwork is usually pretty quick. A regular 8-hour shift consists of three or four short breaks; one of which is a lunch break of at least half an hour. 

be responsible for the money

This is another crucial task of the casino floor manager. They are responsible for supervising all money transactions at the gaming table. They monitor all the bets and the money that circulates on the table. The pit boss is responsible for every penny traded during his shift. In general, taking care of the cash at the table is possibly the most important duty of the pit boss.

Additionally, a pit boss is responsible for noticing loyal players who regularly frequent the casino. These players are rewarded for their loyalty to the casino with Complimentary Points. Players can accumulate these Complimentary Points by continuously playing at a certain casino. Your commitment will be seen by the casino after a period. Noticing this action and determining the prize to be awarded to loyal players is, in fact, the job of a casino floor manager. Rewards can range from booking airline tickets to booking hotel rooms.   

How much does a room manager earn in a casino?

Floor managers have more responsibilities and therefore earn much more money than other casino employees. While salary can vary from casino to casino, US floor managers earn between $50,000 and $75,000 per year. Hourly pay is about $27. With this kind of high income, it’s no wonder that pit managers don’t take tips. A pit manager can live a comfortable life on this salary even without increasing income with tips. However, it may still be one of the reasons why work is not desirable for everyone. 


Managing a casino floor or table can be fun and entertaining at the same time. You need hard work, various skills and a pleasant personality. In return, enjoy a ‘good’ paycheck and work in a fun industry. And if the pay isn’t enough for you, don’t worry because there are plenty of other good paying casino jobs available.