Head to Head Matchups: How to Take Advantage of Weak Players

Whether you play in a physical room or on an online poker site , the goal of this card game is to win as many chips as possible . Therefore, it is important to know how to read the moves and identify novice or weak players , who show some obvious deficiencies in their game and who can become “easy prey” in our quest to become the dominators of the table.

This situation can be visualized most clearly in heads-up situations , as loaded hands of players go through countless variables. Now, when we are facing a single player , our resolution skills are usually essential to try to get the most out of the duel, beyond the cards we have.

For this reason, we have prepared an article related to this concept that will help you incorporate tools that allow you to improve your game in head to head duels . In this way, in the following lines we bring you a series of crucial actions to play heads-up against weaker rivals, whatever their style of play.

Different styles, different resolutions

The first thing to know is that extremes are dangerous in poker . Once we enter this world, we realize that, beyond the profiles of each player, it is important to manage the balance of variables in a good way . This is something that a weak player does not contemplate, since he tends to fall quickly to the extremes.

Thus, we can identify the “passive” players , who are the ones who take care of each chip as if it were gold and reduce their productivity with the passing of hands. On the other hand, we find the “extremely aggressive” , some poker kamikazes who do not hesitate to make their stack available if they see that the hand can give them some revenue. Therefore, we are going to see the best way to face them directly.

Liabilities, a simple problem

Among rookies, this is the most common weak player style, and under normal conditions, they shouldn’t be a problem for us. These users are characterized by consistently calling bets , even if they have weak hands, and only risk a little more when they have a potential hand. In these cases, there are two main strategies that we can apply.

The first strategy is to frequently make large bets whenever you think you have the best hand . You should not be wary of these players, as their common pattern is nothing more than paying to continue playing. Therefore, you can bet with confidence as long as you have a good draw. It is true that they may call with a good hand, but the vast majority of the time they tend to run away because of their insecurity , which will allow you to get a large amount of chips at their expense. In the best of cases, these players can continue to call as if it were a flight forward, they fall into exaggerated risk. Therefore, to play in an online poker room for real money, profits will become even more drinkable.

In the event that you have identified that the player does not like to fold, it would be really counterproductive to start bluffing as this would not give you the expected results. It is true that if you receive one bad hand after another there is little you can do to win, but changing your strategy and trying to regularly bluff against a compulsive caller could put you in a situation of constant loss. In these cases it is best to wait , because the cards always arrive, and then it will be a great time to take advantage of the opportunity.

The aggressive, a double-edged sword

As we have said before, extremes are often a problem. In the case of meeting conservative players, we will be facing guys who handle chips like candy and who can become a real problem if we don’t know how to handle them. Now, when we bet long and have the patience to control them, they could give us big profits, since they could self-destruct in their manic daring. While there is no doubt that they are more difficult to deal with, it is quite possible to defeat them as long as you take risks at the right times.

The difference between experts and inexperienced players, to a large extent, lies in knowing how to handle moments . Strong players are capable of stealing pots they don’t deserve. The weak will be aggressive too often and, at times, mindless. The best strategy to counter these players is to switch to a passive game and let them bluff . Drop plenty of times on the river when you have strong hands to try to get them to put more chips in the middle of the table, and when they do, don’t hesitate to call. This strategy can be very effective in poker tournaments or freerolls .

It is worth noting that to follow this strategy it is essential to have a good hand , but you will need a little more analysis if it is with a not so good hand. In that case it pays to stand firm and call many times. When an opponent bluffs all the time, it can be very productive for him to run into someone who is not afraid to face him and forces him to play.

In general, this type of player behaves in a linear way , that is, they do not usually change their strategy from one moment to the next. They keep doing the same thing over and over again until you manage to put them in their place. It is only a matter of identifying their behavior pattern , and in this way, with an adequate strategy, you can take great profits.