How to win at poker?

Many of you have wondered how to beat other players playing poker? What is poker made of? What do you need for a successful and profitable game?

What does it take to win strong opponents? This question worries, perhaps, all novice players. I will try to tell what components poker consists of. Modern poker consists of three main components: mathematics, psychology and luck. Let’s talk about each of them in more detail.


This is the most integral part of the game. You can’t even think about permanent success if you can’t count. You need to master the skills of counting cards, for which you need to carefully monitor the game and know the elementary laws of probability theory.

Fortunately, today there is a lot of literature on this issue, and almost anyone with a higher education can master the card counting method. As a percentage, mathematics is 50% of success.


A very important part of poker is psychology. It includes the behavior of the player at the table, his bets and emotions. A player who lacks this component, if he is a mathematician three times, will never win. At the table, you should try not to show emotions and feelings. Your opponents shouldn’t be able to read your game from the outside. At least 30 percent of success depends on psychology.


Here, very little depends on the player. This, perhaps, is the factor that is little curled from the person. The only thing a person can do is not rely on luck in risky cases.

If a player is not lucky on a specific day at a specific table, then it is better not to continue the game and postpone the battles for the next day. 20 percent of success depends on luck, and maybe less.

Success in poker is possible only with the right combination of the above factors. In the absence of at least one of them, success will not be. To achieve a good combination of these factors, you need to work hard and stick to your line, then success will undoubtedly come.

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