Liberty Bell, the first slot machine

Slot machines are currently one of the great sensations of betting houses and the number of users continues to grow because they are easy to play and quite addictive. In addition, many of them offer the opportunity to win a jackpot, which can range from a few hundred euros to several million.

Although today’s slots are a disdain of technology, these are not new devices but, believe it or not, they have been with us for a whopping 125 years. It was in the year 1887 when Charles Fey invented what would be the first machine of this type and named it the Liberty Bell .

The Liberty Bell was so successful that it didn’t take long for Fey to launch another one on the market which he called Poker Machine and instead of three reels it had five, with 50 poker cards. Prizes ranged from a single pair to a straight flush, which was the highest prize he could give.

The first slot machines did not give cash prizes

If you look at the photograph that illustrates this entry you will see something very curious, a gum deposit on one of the sides. Why? Simple, these first slot machines did not give cash prizes but gave different products as prizes, in this case chewing gum.

The Poker Machine, in addition to being a more modern and complex machine, also evolved in terms of prizes, since in addition to chewing gum, it gave packages of tobacco or vouchers to exchange for a bottle of drink that could be exchanged in the same establishment.

We would have to wait a long time until the first electronic slot machine arrived, it would be in 1963 when the Money Honey, manufactured by Ballar Technologies, would be presented, but I will talk about it in another post.