Mathematics and statistics, the key to a good bet

We all know that many factors are involved in the game, such as luck , but there are others that are also very important, such as mathematics and statistics , which have a very important weight in sports betting , as well as It happens with some casino games , many of which are based on these two principles.

There are times when success in betting is due to statistical studies and mathematical probabilities that have been carried out on the typology of the game and much has been said about it. One of the most famous examples can be found in the “Los Pelayos” technique, one of the best known in the world of casinos, but this is just one of the many examples of what can be achieved by studying the statistics correctly.

According to recent studies, betting is a hobby for a very high percentage of people who play, who have this custom as a sporadic pastime. But surely, if we dedicate ourselves to studying the market well, immersing ourselves in mathematics, statistics and trends, surely we could increase our profits a little more or at least reduce our losses.

The most common formula

As I have seen on different specialized betting websites, betting profits both in the medium and long term could come to depend on a mathematical equation, that is, Y = X*Z .

In this case, X means the average odds offered by the bookmaker and Z is the percentage of success of the forecasts for a given bet. If the result of multiplying the X by the Z (Y), is greater than the unit, everything indicates that we will be winners in the long term and if it is better than the unit, we will be losing money.

The truth is that it may seem very simple, but to bet well on football, for example, you have to do it knowing the two teams, knowing their trajectory, the games they have won, drawn and lost this season, the historical of confrontations and all those data that can provide us with a glimpse of light on a possible winning bet.