Poker with a small number of opponents at the table

Sitting in the evening for a game of poker with a full number of players at the table, it is more likely that late at night, and maybe in the morning, it will turn out that you are already playing with a much smaller number of participants in the game.

What happens in this situation? What changed? Here it is necessary to assess the situation in time. You can not change the style of the game, but make it look like the combinations have become stronger, especially in relation to the higher cards.

In games where there are few players, bad hands can be played from a wide variety of positions. In such situations, the position must be considered almost the most important factor.

You will start playing your position, many more cards to watch and more hands to be played.

In a situation of reducing the number of players to four, we need stronger hands. Moreover, this must be obtained in the first two positions, and not in the last two. You can get an overwhelming advantage if the opponent makes the first move on the flop, but at the same time we raise on the button. The strength of our combinations will actually be equal, provided the first move made by the opponent.

Applying tactical play in the case of a small number of opponents, but with the same strategies as in the full game, you will get combinations that have risen in strength much more. Bad hands will get better. The frequency of falling out of the layout of the type A-A and K-K will decrease. Start applying high card theory.

Now the presence of high cards immediately leads you to the best deal. The same pair of aces immediately becomes just a lump when there are very few players. Playing such a combination, as a rule, is not difficult to play very quickly.

Although, in a regular game, such a combination must be played much more calmly and slowly. After all, on the flop, opponents may well interrupt her. Well, with a small number of players, this is less likely.

Hence the conclusion: high cards in a small game are of great value. It is necessary to own them more than ever in a good position.

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