The best bonuses that users can get without a deposit

The vast majority of players love to play at online casinos for many reasons, whether for fun or convenience mainly, but there are also other reasons why they are attracted to enter a casino website, and one of them is the no deposit free spins , and welcome bonuses that give you the chance to win extra money and a relative advantage, the important thing is to make a good choice.

What bonuses can you get without a deposit?

One of the instruments in online games, by which players are attracted to try their luck, is with no deposit bonuses, just look for free spins casinos to find the best offers that provide this advantage of zero cost for a lot of profit, and they exist with different amounts where many offer free spins for their slots, others for their part grant large amounts of winnings with game limits and there are others that do not have any type of limit.

But the important thing is to know the concept, and the different bonus offers such as: welcome bonuses, free spins, no deposit bonuses, and the different promotions and raffles, which are characterized by having a roller (contribution of a certain amount) much higher than that found in sports betting, or poker, although without losing perspective, the important thing is to remember that the primary objective of the bonuses is to know the game that the casino is offering us.

However, by Royal Decree 958/2020, a control is established by the DGOJ, where the new law would regulate the games from May 1, 2021, to prohibit no-deposit or welcome bonuses for new users, but this is not the end of online casino promotions.

 Is it possible to play with a no deposit bonus in Spain according to the law? 

The most striking of online casinos in Spain, with the wide variety of offers in their free bonus promotions, free spins, and other promotions, is that it promises to lengthen the playing time and gives you the opportunity to win money, however, since the General Directorate for the Regulation of Gambling, DGOJ, Royal Decree 958/2020 was implemented, that to enjoy any of its promotional bonuses, you have to comply with a series of steps starting with registering, verifying your user, and waiting a period of 30 days to enjoy the different bonus offers, it also takes care of playing in online casinos it is totally safe, and assumes that your data does not run any type of risk, and not only that; It has also created the self-exclusion program, where the client spends a responsible time having fun.

Is it legal to play with bonuses in Spanish casinos without making any deposit?

In general, players constantly ask themselves that question, if you can play and get bonuses without any deposit, and the answer is no, since the DGOJ only implemented this decree to regulate and reduce the abundant amount that existed of promotion and unbridled offers (and sometimes of dubious origin), but it did not eliminate them completely. Just make sure that the casino has the DGOJ seal on its website so you won’t fall for misleading offers.