The best reaction to the increase in the blinds in poker

In the world of poker you have to be prepared to stand up to different types of players. In some cases, the strategies that you will have to face can be so extreme that they even put you in limit situations , where a single decision can mark the future of the hand you are playing or even leave you out of a tournament.

One of these extreme situations is that of encountering aggressive players who continuously “complicate” the normal development of the game. The seriousness of the situation increases if these actions occur on real money poker sites , where in addition to putting your ability as a player at stake, you can lose part of your stack.

In this particular case, what do you do when a late position player attacks your blind with constant raises? Let’s check it out below!

Two types of players

In the first place, we must identify the type of player we are facing and know how to categorize it . It is not the same to face an aggressive but beginner player in the world of poker, as an experienced user with thousands of hours of practice and deeper knowledge of this card game.

If the person performing the maneuver has considerable experience, the best option would be to pass up the marginal hands simply for the sake of not taking an unnecessary risk. Against a great player, not having the position is too great a disadvantage.

However, against a player who we have known how to classify as weaker and who can be pressured and taken out of the game, it is possible to compensate for the position problem thanks to the fact that the long term will be on your side.

know your capabilities

On the other hand, it is also important to know your own abilities as a poker player . If you have the experience and skills that any poker player would like to have , necessary to know how to handle extreme situations, then you should consider accepting the challenge, regardless of the opponent in front of you.

In any case, becoming adamant about defending the blinds is not recommended as it is an unnecessary risk and you could spend too many chips on it. In addition, not only should you put those extra chips to see the flop , but it is also advisable to attack and know how to take advantage of said situation.

The context is very different if you meet an inexperienced player in an aggressive position . There you should not hesitate and you should always stand firm. The ideal would be to call the bet, especially if you have any winning hand draws. There is no reason to check-raise and then allow him to bluff with a big re-raise.

When we have a better hand than a novice opponent, the best option is to call and let him continue to bluff . After the river there are no more cards left to come and it will be difficult for you to get a card that will make you win the hand. With the winning hand in your possession, the best thing you can do is induce your opponent to bluff and take every last chip.

Consider the opponent and your options

In this way, we realize that the way of acting is very different according to the kind of player we have in front of us , but also who we are . Recognizing the rivals and our own abilities and weaknesses will be the first point of connection with the poker game. An aggressive action should not always be resolved in the same way.

In this sense, the odds, the style of the other player and our hand will be a great reference. What we can identify beyond this, much more. In this way, we will be prepared in a better way to face any situation.

In summary, the first thing to do is correctly identify our rival in order to determine how to deal with this type of situation, which is not uncommon and can condition our game. This is of vital importance, since these aggressive players will seek to destabilize us and make us risk our stack, on many occasions, with little premeditation.

It is therefore essential to know what the best option is to stop being a victim of this type of player and become a poacher who waits crouched for his opportunity to attack to achieve a blow that will make you go from being a speculator to being a protagonist .

Therefore, become an unpredictable and precise player , who is capable of taking the reins at any time and giving a blow that changes the conditions in which your rivals consider you and their way of acting.

Finally, remember that beyond the intrinsic qualities of each style, you can also condition your rival through your actions . In this way, you will also be mutating your own role within the game.