Varieties of poker games

The first games were known as straight poker or cold poker.

In these games, all cards were dealt face down and there was only one betting period.

The emergence of modern types of poker dates back to 1865, when two forms of poker were developed at the end of the American Civil War: closed poker – all cards are dealt face down and open , in which some cards are dealt face down and the rest face up.

When playing poker, a deck of 52 cards with equivalent suits is most often used. Less common are versions of poker where decks of 32, 36 or 54 cards are used.

Poker is traditionally played by a group of 2-10 people. The game has several phases.

The winner in poker is the one who gets the best combination of cards. Often the victory goes to the one who, with the help of bets or a bluff, will force other players to leave the game, remaining alone by the time the cards are shown.

There are a huge number of game options, but no matter what poker variant you play, firstly, poker combinations are common to all, and secondly, the presence of bargaining in the game.

Draw poker is a closed game. This is the most famous and popular form of poker until the 1980s, in which players receive five cards, bet, then draw cards, bet again, and then compare their cards. Probably everyone has seen this game. In films about the Wild West, cowboys and gangsters play draw poker.

Stud poker is an open game in which cards are dealt one at a time and after each deal players make bets. Razz poker can be considered one of the varieties of stud poker. If Texas hold’em and draw poker has traveled all over the countries and continents and is loved all over the world, then seven-card stud poker has remained the national American game.

Hold’em poker is the most popular type of poker in the world, which gained its popularity after the end of the twentieth century.

Every year, a large number of poker tournaments are held in the world, the largest and most prestigious of which is the World Series of Poker, which is held in Las Vegas.

This tournament is so serious, and there are so many participants in it, that the competition continues for a whole month. According to the organizers of the tournament, in 2009 more than six thousand people took part in it, the most successful of which will receive the main prize – more than eight million dollars.

In 2008, Russian Ivan Demidov distinguished himself at the most prestigious tournament, taking second place and winning almost six million dollars.

And the advent of online poker only consolidated the success of hold’em, making its varieties of limit and no-limit hold’em the main game in online poker rooms.

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