What are Freerolls and why you should play them

The key to success in many games of chance is knowing how to take advantage of opportunities. Within the world of poker, a freeroll is a great opportunity , since it is a tournament in which we do not have to deposit to play , but, at the same time, we find the possibility of making real profits.

These tournaments have the characteristic that they are events with a buy-in at zero cost and that the first classified can win sums of money or prizes such as free tickets for big events and thus be able to access prestigious competitions.

At first glance, awarding this kind of prize at zero cost does not seem like a very smart move. However, it is a way of attracting new users that is widely used by different poker pages. We speak, therefore, of an excellent opportunity for all the players . That is why, through this guide, we are going to expose all the advantages of participating in this kind of tournaments and what is the way in which you should face them.

Characteristics of Freeroll tournaments

The first thing to know is that this kind of tournaments have no other particularity other than that entry is free . This is not a minor fact, since there is absolutely nothing to lose a priori , which predisposes many players in another way.

On the other hand, winning one of these championships will also allow you to obtain a pass to more relevant face-to-face or online tournaments . However, there are some conditions that you must meet and that we are going to tell you about below.

Types of Freeroll tournaments

Many of the new online poker sites will allow you to play for real money prizes just by making a deposit . In this way, you will get the direct pass to a freeroll tournament that will give you the option to play it without betting what you have deposited in your account and be able to increase it.

Likewise, there are also some pages with free tournaments that can be played in exchange for VIP points , which is a kind of balance that would allow us to make our free entry materialize in tournaments with profits. Without a doubt, for that we should be successful in our foray into the contest.

Freeroll vs free play

On the other hand, it is important to know how to differentiate between freeroll tournaments and free poker pages , since, although they may have some similarity, both are very different from each other. In principle, the main difference lies in the moment in which, eventually, you will have to deposit money.

In the case of free poker sites, it is usually normal that before you can withdraw the winnings obtained through a bonus or similar offer, you have to make a deposit. This is usually a condition widely used by free platforms to deliver money.

On the other hand, in freeroll poker tournaments you must deposit before playing, although this does not imply that you will use the money immediately, since said amount will be reserved for when you want to use it. A freeroll tournament, you will get the winnings and you can materialize them without any particular conditions.

The best way to play a freeroll tournament

The freeroll can be the beginning of success, as it allows you to play without pressure and reach heights that you would never have imagined before playing on cash tables. It is important to know that you will not have to pay to play and that, at the same time, you can win real money while facing a large number of players of different levels .

To participate in a tournament of this type, the first thing you need to do is register on one of the best freeroll poker sites on the net. The market is very varied and they have access to participate for free in the contests, offering you the possibility of continuing to climb towards higher level tournaments .

Analyze your rivals

On the other hand, it is important to be prepared to face different types of players . You may come across novice players who don’t care much about the consequences of their actions at the table. In fact, these users participate with the sole intention of hanging out and some are not even aware of what they are doing.

That is why there may be rivals who do not respect the climbs and behave in an unpredictable way all the time. There are many bettors who, having nothing to lose, play without following a strategy or in an excessively relaxed way.

Similarly, there will be players capable of going all-in at any time during the game. This is a point that you have to know how to take advantage of. Become aware of playing each hand as if you were betting your own money without letting yourself be influenced by the environment and always staying competitive.

Play as if you were betting your own money

It is a big mistake to believe that you have nothing to lose , since you would be missing out on a great opportunity. The simple participation in a freeroll tournament can be your first step to climb in the difficult world of poker. Therefore, it is important to face it in a simple and aggressive way . In other words, the most advisable thing is to play strong when there are initial chord cards and that our pulse does not tremble to make big raises more than we would in a common game.

At the same time, bluffing is not an option that you should adopt as a rule, since in this type of game against opponents of this caliber it could be an unnecessary risk that could cause you to have large losses.

Phases of a freeroll

It is essential that you know that these tournaments usually have three well-defined phases . The first one has a fairly large amount of chips in relation to the blinds. Meanwhile, by the next stage they will have raised considerably and you already have less than 25 big blinds in chips. Once these two periods are over, you will have to face the final table, where all instances will be resolved until the big winner is known. Thus, it is necessary to understand that these three phases must be approached differently .

In the first instance it is essential to be the most aggressive , since it will not be easy for us to get our rivals off the table. A good hand before the flop could be a good trigger to put pressure on. This, coupled with a post- hoc winning combination, should bring out our more aggressive instincts to go after our opponents.

In the second phase we will already meet higher-ranking players, but we must not give up our point of view. We must take it seriously and be firm , but also aggressive. This part starts when you have approximately 20-25 big blinds. From that moment on, the strategy should remain to raise or fold , always respecting what the cards indicate and away from the possibility of bluffing.

Finally, the strategy of the last table is to pay close attention to the position and know how to take advantage of the moments . Don’t underestimate opponents who raise from early position here, as they usually do so with a reason reflected in their cards – they have a good hand. With more care, but with the same strategy that got us to this favorable position, we will more than likely do well.