What are outright bets?

The bets to the winner are among the most frequented in the different online casinos . They specifically consist of bets that are divided into two since one part goes to the winning marker and the other to the placed one; that is, the one who will be among the first three positions in the table at the end of said competition.

Specifically, you are making a kind of double bet since you choose who will be the winner of the match and, at the same time, who will finish first, second or third in the championship or league.

In which sports are bets on the winner usually frequented?

For starters, a win bet, also called an each-way bet, allows you to halve the money you risk to make two bets .

In the case of sports, it is often used a lot in motor sports such as motor racing and Moto GP . Why? Basically because the champions know each other several dates before the end of the competitions since they are the ones who obtain the first, second or third place in most of the dates in which the different races take place.

Specifically, in motorsport (for example, Formula 1) the driver who finished in the top three positions during the first five dates is almost impossible to come out ninth or tenth in the end .

Why then are the chances of hitting and winning money high? Because it is an event that happens every year . Also of a competition in which the most outstanding are always the same five and the difference with respect to the others is very great.

On the other hand, soccer (especially in the local championships in Latin America) stands out for its parity and for the uncertainty regarding who will be the winner and who will achieve the long-awaited trophy . Consequently, betting on the winner is much more difficult.

When can you place bets on the winner?

To determine whether or not it is convenient for you to place bets on the winner, you must consider two factors :

The period in which a competition is

The ideal is to do it during the first dates or days. Why? Because before the start, the probabilities do not take into account possible unforeseen events such as injuries or even other legal or contract inconveniences that, after a few dates, are practically impossible.

In turn, if many dates have already passed, the probabilities of successes are much higher . Consequence? The quota decreases and, therefore, the profit is getting smaller and smaller. For this reason, the ideal time is in the first four/five dates for at least three advantages:

  • The chances of unforeseen events are less
  • The odds to place bets on the winner continue to be high, which implies obtaining a significant sum of money in the following weeks or months
  • The first dates or days usually establish a clear trend 

Sport or discipline

As we mentioned before, there are sports in which bets on the winner usually provide more positive results . These are mainly the motor ones and those that present between two and five participants that are much higher than the rest.

In this sense, some soccer tournaments (the most popular worldwide) such as the Bundesliga are also used for these bets. In this particular case, Bayern Munich have won practically all the championships in the last 12 years.

In short, if the fourth date of the Bundesliga is being played and you see that Bayern have already won their first games, then placing a bet on the winner will be highly recommended .

Tennis, another sport suitable for outright betting

Different online sports betting houses in the world show that tennis is one of the sports chosen to make this type of bet . And it has its explanation… Just like what we told you about Formula 1, the winners of highly relevant competitions such as the Australian Open, the United States Open, Roland Garros and Wimbledon are almost always the same.

In this way, and considering what has happened in recent editions , those who bet, for example, on Novak Djokovic know that they have a high probability of winning.

Best bookmakers to bet on the winner

For all that has been described, you will surely wonder where it is convenient or more profitable to place bets each way. Although all the online casinos that offer it are recommended, we provide you with some of the most successful today :

  • Codere
  • Bet365
  • 1XBET
  • Bodog

How much money to risk on outright bets?

This question does not have a precise answer. Why? Because it depends purely and exclusively on you, especially if you take into account the most important factors when betting money knowing that, just as you have a chance of winning, you can also lose.

In this context in which confidence and uncertainty coexist and strike simultaneously , the amount of money to bet could be between 20 and 300 dollars. How much is convenient or what does it depend on? Of all of the following:

Sport : due to the development shown in recent years or experiences, football is not the same as Formula 1

Level of skill or experience : if you are a beginner, it is recommended to start with minimum amounts and then increase them progressively

Time when you place the bet : as we mentioned before, the values ​​and subsequent gains or losses will vary depending on the time elapsed since the competition began and what still remains to be completed

Bets on the winner consist of a very suitable option when the probabilities of hitting both the winner of a duel and the places in the standings are high. Advice? Pay attention to all the details, do not rush and analyze all the options well in order to choose the most correct and profitable one.

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