What are the types of bets in poker

In each betting round of poker, the player can make his move using certain actions and terminology.

The turn to deal cards, as well as the turn to put, go from player to player clockwise. Once a player folds, he or she skips the turn and the turn passes to the next player who is still in the game.

In each betting interval, you can do one of four things:

Fold – Discard cards and exit the hand.

Check – Allows the player to stay in the pot without risking additional chips.

Call – Putting enough chips into the pot to stay in the game for that betting range.

Raise – Putting enough chips into the pot to make a call, plus extra chips.

Bluff – A deceptive bet, possible only when none of the previous players made a bet in this betting interval.

After the cards are dealt, one or more betting intervals follow, and at the end of the last interval, the players open up, showing those who have not yet formed what they have in their hands.

At this point, the highest hand wins the pot.

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