What kind of rewards can you earn while playing Metarun?

When you come across Metarun, the mobile runner game, you can enjoy the gaming experience because of the aesthetics. As the character starts running around the track, you can earn soft or hard coins. Advanced mechanics also help earn points and rewards, which are available to all players.

Once you earn the trophies through the  best p2e nft game , you can also engage in various activities. So, in this article, let’s see more about currencies and their classes. As you read on, you will also know more about Metarun Token.

What types of coins can you earn while playing Metarun?

As you start to play Metarun you can always earn multiple coins. But, such coins are based on coin type and coin class. Once you earn something, you can use it for different purposes and utilities within the game. When it comes to currency classes, they are classified into soft and hard currencies.

When you earn soft currency, you can think about using it within the game. However, converting soft currency into $MRUN tokens is impossible. Most of the time soft currencies include GOLD, DIAMOND and SAPPHIRE. Now, let us move on to know more about hard currency.

Shortly after you get the hard currency, you can exchange the currency for native Metarun tokens. In those cases, you’ll need to use a tool that helps you decide after viewing the price information. Such a tool is called a price oracle. From now on, you will only find one type of hard currency, which is nothing but OPAL.

What are the different types of currencies in Metarun?

After starting the game, you will find four types of coins, ‘OPAL’, ‘DIAMOND’, ‘GOLD’ and ‘SAPPHIRE’. Each currency differs from each other in its properties and versatile use cases.

  • Once you get into the mobile game, you can acquire GOLD on your way. You can collect the coin when you play PvP or PvE mode. Also, you will always receive GOLD when you overcome all the obstacles along the Trophy Road. Completing Battle Pass missions can help you earn GOLD later on. Once you have collected enough GOLD, you can think about upgrading the character’s level.
  • A little further on, you can think of acquiring SAPPHIRE in various ways. This in-game currency can be obtained when you kill monsters or complete Battle Pass levels. Apart from this, you can receive SAPPHIRE every time you reach the end of Trophy Road or complete Battle Pass missions. Shortly after you have enough SAPPHIRE, you can use the coin to increase the level related to the passive skill.
  • When you want to earn DIAMOND, you need to win the game in PvP mode first. Other than this, you can earn this currency only when you complete the Battle Pass tiers and missions. Once you have enough DIAMOND in your account, you can think about upgrading the level of the pets and the level associated with the active skill.
  • Compared to the coins mentioned above, the amount of OPAL you can earn will depend on many factors. In that case, you can earn a lot of OPAL based on how you fight with enemies. The total amount can also completely depend on daily tasks, skin rarity, event participation and win rate. Later, you can think of using OPAL to upgrade skins, customize characters, and much more. Also, it would be helpful if you don’t forget to earn OPAL because the coin can help you earn premium NFTs through the market. If the Metarun team is thinking of organizing an event or a tournament, you can get the tickets only when you use OPAL.

What is $MRUN and how can you use the token?

If you want to maintain the ecosystem, you need to know why it is necessary to get Metarun Token and OPAL. But there is a big difference between $MRUN and OPAL. While OPAL is known to be a stable virtual currency, $MRUN uses Binance’s BEP-20 token standard.

On the other hand, the OPAL price is set at a few US dollars with a ratio of 1:270. You can also trade OPAL with $MRUN with the help of price oracles. Now, let’s see when you can use the Metarun token ($MRUN).

  • Most of the time, many players think of using $MRUN when they have to upgrade characters. Also, you can use the token to level up skills and increase the level of skins. But, before moving forward, you will need to mint the upgraded characters and then sell them on the secondary market. Once you want to mint the upgraded NFTs, you will need to pay a fee already included in the $MRUN token.
  • After you have the $MRUN token, you can purchase the Metarun super NFT chest to earn special rewards, coins, and more. In addition to additional rewards, the token also helps you maximize your earning potential. Later, you can think about participating in staking and farming groups through the tokens. Once you are active in the pool, you can earn a certain percentage of rewards and think about participating in $MRUN farming.
  • In addition to getting Battle Passes and Special Event Tickets, you can use $MRUN to skip a particular mission. Later, you will need the token when you plan to form a team or play qualifying matches. You can also use $MRUN when you want to donate something to creators. The tokens will also allow you to rent a character if you want to take your gaming experience to the next level.


You will always observe many types of coins as you start to play Metarun. But you have to overcome numerous missions and levels when you want to get the GOLD, DIAMOND, SAPPHIRE or OPAL coins. If you want to upgrade skins, customize characters, or get premium NFTs, you need to use OPAL.

However, there are many purposes for which you can use the Metarun token. In addition to buying the NFT chest, the token can help you get passes for Battles and special events. The tokens will also help you claim a certain percentage of profit once you rent any character.