6 key determinations to face poker slumps

Great sages have expressed over time that the important thing is not to avoid all falls, but to get up and know how to recover from them. The fact of being able to reinvent themselves in the face of adversity is a virtue that few know, but it is precisely what makes them different from the rest and generates great strength to face different situations.

A result means nothing if we don’t know what to do with it, so reflection in bad times is what will make the mistakes that led to that outcome not be common again. In short, failure could make us grow more than any success. That’s what life is largely about.

And as we know, poker is no stranger to it. A player will experience all kinds of results and will have to deal with success, but it will be much more difficult to deal with defeat , which we know is inevitable no matter how talented the player is. It is not at all common for a successful player to come face to face with defeat. Therefore, it can be important to review the game, analyze what is going wrong, take a break or even find a coach with whom you can improve.

The truth is that the more you know the game and the more emotionally forged you are, the more powerful you will show yourself at the poker table . If you come to this article at a time when your game is going through a crisis, think that the best is yet to come.

To do this, we’ll look at six key things you should keep in mind if you’re going through a series of bad results , especially if you normally play poker for real money . In this way, you will be able to return stronger to the poker tables or tournaments and take great advantage of the downturn that you had to go through.

Analyze the situation: put your game under the magnifying glass 

Introspection is always the first step in facing downturns in the poker world. In this sense, the most important thing is to find out what is the reason for your poor results . This always turns out to be the most uncomfortable: you will have to ask yourself difficult questions and demand honest answers. Lack of concentration? Wrong decisions? A trick of fate? Any of them can be real and one of the great reasons for said adverse situation.

When the results accompany, it is really difficult to keep your feet on the ground. Even the most stabilized of mortals tends to boast about his decisions and the way in which he has faced the plays to come out victorious hand after hand. So when you get to that level of arrogance it’s hard to put in the time and effort to improve because you think a lot of players think they don’t need it.

This could lead to stagnation, when the reality is that you always have to improve, because if you don’t you are going backwards in relation to the growing strength of your competitiveness. That’s why losing streaks are opportunities: you have to take advantage of these moments of frustration to discover the reason why this series of bad results has occurred and then work to counteract its effect and get back on the path of victory. Try to use the inevitable downturns as a moment of renewal .

Keep your focus and your head up 

Just as we are indestructible in victory, it is important not to lower our heads in the face of adversity . In reflection, we must not lose integrity, nor the certainty that it is an inevitable process from which we will come out stronger. It is the route that must be inevitably traveled to become a winner in the world of poker.

It is also the best way to determine if your current state is solely due to circumstances. If it continues, there may be a deeper, darker meaning that becomes a difficult constant to bear. Perhaps it is simply wrong decisions, but they can never lead us to give up .

 If it doesn’t work, you have to change

The concept is key and very easy to apply: if the path leads us to make wrong decisions over and over again, that is not the right path . In fact, when it is recognized that something is wrong with the game, then the approach is not the right one and needs to be fixed.

As they get stronger in their game and achieve results, many poker players drift away from the fundamentals. In this way, they come to make erratic decisions. While the decisions may be more practical, when you find yourself immersed in a tournament one level above your skill level, this becomes an issue. It is always a positive thing to review the basic fundamentals and rededicate yourself to improvement , not forgetting what was learned in the beginning.

A poker player who believes that he knows everything is nothing more than a player condemned to face the reality of how false that belief is. Sometimes all your game needs is a little tweaking, never a full overhaul. Be objective and if you see that something is not working, work hard to fix it.

Participate in tables and tournaments of your level

It is never wrong to take a step back if you see that you can take two in the future. And you have something very valuable: the experience of having played at a level that is not yours . How long have you been playing at your current limits? Have you won or lost more at that level? These are important questions that must be asked and answered honestly, without denying reality.

When it comes to adding experiences, one faces the unknown: a new level . This is a hierarchy that often tends to expose the level of incompetence of certain players. Facing the possibility that you have maxed out against stronger competition can be a tough pill to swallow. But it will have to be recognized, because if not, our morale could collapse at the same time as our economy.

Speeding up processes is usually hard even if you have played at poker tables and tournaments at your level. However, if you find yourself in a down game phase , it’s not a bad idea to also temporarily lower the level of the competition to reinvent yourself. This should be a little weaker overall and in the worst case, if the downward streak continues, the losses will be less considerable.

find a coach

There are times when you feel like you can’t go on alone and an outside look could be the push you need to improve. In this sense, the formal poker training with a coach that has gained so much relevance has become a common trend that has given excellent results in the game of many professional and amateur poker players.

In relation to the above, there is a wide variety of trainers that can be accessed in a simple way, both through Social Networks and by telephone or email. Also, just like in any other market, you can find trainers at a rate that fits your budget .

However, you also have the option to go to your contacts, since a poker coach can be a friend who has a greater knowledge of the game than you, for example. Discussing poker hands and strategies can be just as beneficial in further improving your conditions as a player, since not everyone has the same vision of the game.

take some time off 

Finally, you should keep in mind that sometimes it’s not bad to step away from the world of poker to take a break . This card game can give us the best of joys, however, living with constant defeat is frustrating and does not help us stand whole to think clearly about each move. A famous poker player once said, ” I have to be happy for it to go well . ” It is not a trivial matter, since playing frustrated simply does not make sense.

Taking some time off and getting away from the world of poker can help you deal with the negative feelings that come with losing. We can all be exhausted at some point and a losing streak will create an unpleasant environment. Therefore, taking a break for a while will help not only save your mental health, but also your finances and your love of poker. The game will always wait for you .