Online poker variations for real money

So which online poker for real money variation do you know? Texas Hold’em or Caribbean Stud? These are in fact the most popular online poker game. But in addition to these options, there are many other variations that should not be overlooked in the best online poker sites . So in this post, you will learn the most common online poker variations and why you should play them.

Online Texas Hold’em Poker

This is in fact the most played poker variant in the best online casinos . It is relatively easy to play and features numerous table selections and bets for players. But don’t let the simplicity fool you. This is because some combinations and situations can make Texas Hold’em a bit complex at a higher level.

In Texas Hold’em , each player is dealt two cards face down called hole cards. The action then starts with the player on the left and continues clockwise. Players can raise, fold or call. After the first round, three more cards are dealt, called the flop. This is followed by the fourth (turn) and fifth (river) cards. The object is to make a 5-card poker hand using the five cards dealt out of seven.


Omaha Hi is another entertaining online poker variant that presents players with fantastic opportunities to win. Online Omaha Poker features the same gameplay as Texas Hold’em. However, in Texas Hold’em four hole cards are dealt instead of two. But like Texas Hold’em, you’ll need to create a five-card poker hand with two hole cards and only three community cards from the five dealt.

This is why you should always prefer Omaha Hi at an online casino. Because you will be dealt more cards at the start of each hand, making a 5-card meld is much easier. But on the other hand, finding Omaha Hi online poker tables is not as easy as finding Texas Hold’em tables. However, it is an excellent option for beginners.

Omaha Hi Lo

This online poker variant is similar to Omaha Hi in most ways, only the pot is shared equally between the highest and lowest ranked 5-card poker hands. But don’t just aim for the lowest value hand because certain conditions apply before you’re awarded the pot. For example, all five cards in the “low” hand must have a rank of eight or less, hence the name Omaha 8 or better.

Because players must think beyond simply creating a 5-card poker hand, Omaha Hi-Lo is a bit complex for beginners. But once you learn the rules of this game of poker, Omaha Hi-Lo is one of the best variations to play. Remember, the highest “low” rated poker hand combination is 4-5-6-7-8. A-2-3-4-5 is the lowest.

Jacks or better

The evidence says that Jacks of Better started the video poker industry. But despite other new variations in the industry, Jacks or Better has managed to stay in the hearts of many poker players. This is because their top player return rate of 99.5% is one of the highest. However, you will only enjoy this payout if you use optimal strategy and play on specific tables.

To play, you will be dealt five cards, after which you decide what to keep or discard before drawing new cards. Just think of it as a five card draw, as discussed in other variations above. But as mentioned, winning a hand of Jacks or Better relies heavily on your strategy and a bit of luck. For example, you can draw three cards if your hand has a pair and four if you have a single high card.

Two savages

Think you’ve seen it all with Jacks or Better? Deuces Wild offers players an even lower price RTP at 99.75%. This variation of poker uses a 52-card deck with deuces (2) playing as jokers. In slot machines, wilds substitute for all other standard symbols on the reels, which happens in this variation of poker. If this happens, creating a winning hand is easier than in other poker variations.

Playing Deuces Wild is also very easy. Start by placing a bet and then you will be dealt five cards. You can keep or get rid of all five cards and get new ones as you seek to create a winning hand. But always remember to play this poker game with full paytables to enjoy better payouts. All in all, it is one of the most exciting and highly interactive poker variants out there.


I hope you have already selected a real money online poker variant to play. If you haven’t, don’t worry because these games aren’t all that different. Just get to know the basic rules of poker and learn how to play using the demo version or the casino bonus. Remember, there are many other variations such as Chinese poker, Razz, Seven Card Stud and many others.