How to know if an online betting house is safe?

Each country has its online casinos and there are other houses that are international, in this time full of uncertainty, the ideal is to stay informed before opening a new account to start betting online.

All these new betting platforms offer us great promotions and offers, but since we do not recognize the company or the brand, we doubt if this would be a good idea to invest our money in it, in addition you can play while you are comfortable at home, in the office, if you travel by bus or from anywhere you are.

For this reason, in this article we will show you the methods that exist to know if an online betting house is safe, or on the contrary it is an untrustworthy website where you could be scammed.


Any secure online betting house must have at least one privacy and/or security section. Within them you will be able to find in detail all the tax issues and processes that are usually carried out with your data, and with the general movement of the site.

These sections are usually found at the bottom of the page and if a bookmaker simply doesn’t mention something about Privacy Policy, Security or Terms and Conditions, it can easily be a scam.


There are many bookmakers that sponsor large-scale events, usually sporting events, as well as video games, soccer teams, among others. Being a sponsor of a popular team or some large event, it manages to give a great credibility to the bookmaker.

A team is not going to risk the credibility that it has earned throughout its existence, so that some bookmaker comes and spoils it, therefore, a bookmaker that sponsors some important event or sports team is much more trustworthy.


All online betting houses should offer you a section where they will explain step by step how to make a deposit or a withdrawal. Even deceptive pages can guide you to make a deposit on their site.

That is why you must be careful whenever you are going to make a deposit, that other suspicious tabs are not opened on this site when entering your bank details.

Generally, a Pop Up may open where the transfer is made, if it is the first time you bet on a new platform, it is appropriate that you be aware of your bank account, and that you check that the income you made matches the charges made by the site.

If you notice something strange or receive charges that you never made, it is appropriate that you block the card and report it immediately to your bank.

 Research online

After you check everything mentioned above, you can also search for the opinions of other players through the web, luckily there is a lot of information from all the online bookmakers, so with a simple search you will be able to know what what other users think about the chosen platform.

Avoid settling for just one website or one comment, check several and make up your own mind.

If all the signs are positive, you can safely start betting on that house; If it’s the opposite and you only get negative signals or it fails to convey enough confidence, don’t risk your money and go for another option.