3 common ways to cheat in poker

The technology in the field of gaming continues to develop, something that has allowed cheating players to become more sophisticated when it comes to carrying out certain fraudulent practices. This has become especially evident in sectors that depend on the Internet.

In this sense, real money online poker sites have become attractive targets for scammers , despite the fact that operators have increasingly more security measures. These guys use every possible method to get what they want at the expense of other players playing honestly.

While the best online poker rooms have implemented stricter controls within their respective platforms to identify cheaters, it also helps that you, as a player, know what types of behavior to consider illegal while playing, in the absence of interaction. face to face.

This can be a daunting task, but to help you out, we are going to show you three of the most common methods by which certain players cheat in poker.

Bots in poker

The use of bots in poker is one of the most common forms of cheating in poker . These computer programs can compete with the players themselves, and while it can be argued that they will never be able to match the poker skills of a human being, they are way ahead in other ways .

For example, bots never tire , do not tilt, and are not prone to misclicks. Some modern poker bots can even compete with humans at a high level, as they are equipped with thousands of predefined mathematical combinations . That is, they find the most appropriate response to each situation.

If you notice that a “so-called” player acts in a continuous pattern of play, does not write once in the chat and participates in a very large number of tables for an unlimited time, it is most likely that you are dealing with a bot.

Ghosting than poker

This form of poker cheating made a lot of headlines in the digital media a couple of years ago and involved American poker player Daniel Cates . But what is ghosting? Ghosting consists of asking a professional player with better skills for advice during the development of the game , especially in high-level games, without the rest of the opponents knowing it.

This would be impossible to do in a live poker environment, but is common in multi-table poker tournaments . Some users have even allowed professional players to have full control of their accounts as soon as they reach the final table . If a player suddenly shows a drastic change in his style and strategy, a highly qualified professional may be advising him what to do.

Collusion poker

Collusion or collusion can occur both in live poker games and while playing online poker, the latter being much more obvious and flagrant for other users who play honestly.

Collusion is a form of poker cheating that involves multiple players getting together while playing at a poker table or tournament for a shared benefit . They can share information from their cards, play in a coordinated way, pass tokens or play a passive game.

All this, with the intention that one of those involved ends up with the money that has been put into play at a table or the accumulated pot of any of the many types of poker tournaments available .

To do this, they weaken the rest of the players in a coordinated way until they keep all their chips. So stay tuned. Beware of certain groups of players who always play together and win more often than usual. They could be colluding.

Final recommendations

Cheating in online poker is the order of the day. You can’t be naive and think that everyone plays honestly like you do. You would be making a serious mistake.

In any case, it is not in your power to eradicate these behaviors, since it is something that the online poker pages themselves must act on. But you can lend them a hand if you perceive that the way a player acts is not normal. Report if you think he is gambling illegally .

Only with the help of honest poker players like you and the constant monitoring of legal online poker sites will we be able to kick out cheating players and make online poker much fairer and more reliable .