What are the most popular Japanese games ever created?

Japan has arguably had a greater influence on gaming in the west than any other country, with some of the biggest consoles and games originating from the eastern nation. There are many similarities between the culture of Japan and places like the US and the UK, which is why the games have always attracted players from both sides of the world.

When it comes to trying to decide which are the best Japanese games of all time, it’s a tough call. Instead of listing all the top contenders, it may be better to discuss some of the biggest titles that have helped drive the industry forward.

Japan and Western countries have similar tastes in games

It’s clear that Japanese and Western gamers have similar tastes in gaming, with many titles crossing over from East to West and vice versa. This is seen in all areas of the gaming industry, from console to mobile. For example, the likes of Call of Duty, The Last of Us, and Grand Theft Auto were developed in the west but enjoy massive sales in Japan.

It is the same scenario in the online casino sector. There are specific Japanese sites that cater to players in the country, but Western online casino brands have found success there as well without having to tailor their offerings to different markets. In fact, all the best casino games like Big Bass Splash, Age of Gods and Irish Riches attract Japanese players. This suggests that the preferences of Japanese and Western players are similar. That’s not to mention the pachinko industry found in Japan.

Nintendo deals over the years

Nintendo ranks among the most influential game companies in history, and the introduction of the Nintendo Entertainment System to the Western gaming market in 1985 was a milestone in the evolution of the industry. There were countless incredible games on the console, some of which spawned franchises that are still going strong to this day.

The most notable Nintendo game of all time is Super Mario Bros., which kicked off one of the most iconic series of all time. In fact, the Mario franchise has sold more than 380 million copies and is among the four most successful game series of all time. Some other well-loved Nintendo games include Donkey Kong and The Legend of Zelda.

Some of the best RPGs ever made

Japan is famous for having created some of the best RPGs ever made, and these have been very popular in the West. The Legend of Zelda was an early offering that spawned a sprawling franchise, but the most famous series is probably Final Fantasy.

The main series began in 1987 and there have been 16 other titles since . There have also been several spin-offs, and total sales have exceeded 168 million. The games have a Japanese influence in their art and stories, but the fantasy elements make them universally accessible.

Japanese games certainly give Western offerings a run for their money, and it’s clear that gaming audiences don’t care where a game originated if it’s good. Titles that appeal to gamers from both East and West tend to have universal themes that are easily accessible to people from different cultures.