5 of the best poker faces you’d be unlucky enough to come across

You may have heard about it in some of the movies and songs by well-known artists of the moment, but in this world, the meaning of putting on a poker face is much more than a mere reference to pop culture.

Putting on a poker face is a strategy that some of the best professional players use to confuse their opponents and win hand after hand.

While less experienced players believe that learning how to put on a poker face is not worth it, we can guarantee you that they are completely wrong.

Top 5 players who put on the best poker face

Have you ever wondered who is the professional player who best knows how to put on a poker face? If so, then we recommend that you continue reading. In this article we will show you the top 5 players employing the poker face strategy .

#5 Phil Ivey

Number 5 on our list should come as no surprise, as Phil Ivey ‘s poker face has become iconic . Even the most experienced and talented players would get nervous sitting at the same poker table as Ivey. His face has helped him amass nearly $24 million in live poker tournaments .

Many poker players have tried unsuccessfully to get a clear read on Phil Ivey’s indecipherable facial expressions . However, very few have been able to tell what he was thinking or feeling, so the chances of guessing the type of hand he has are next to impossible.

#4 Mike McDonald

Mike “Timex” McDonald, number 4 on our list, is considered by many to be the player with the most remarkable poker face . In any case, what we can assure you is that McDonald’s success in the world of poker is nothing to sneeze at, so he must be doing something right.

The player exploded at the EPT German Open, where he won over $1.3 million at just 18 years old. As he became more well known in the poker world, other players began to identify him by his famous “death look” .

McDonalds combined that iconic face and exceptional poker skills to complete their particular recipe for success. In fact, his total earnings amount to more than 10 million dollars.

#3 Daniel Negreanu

The top 3 of our list of players with the best poker face is occupied by the Canadian Daniel Negreanu , who throughout his career has been able to win six WSOP bracelets and two WPT titles.

Negreanu may not be able to pull off Ivey’s mysterious poker face, but he knows how to read opponents’ hands flawlessly, which has helped him gain an edge over other players.

Negreanu’s poker face is special because it tries to lure his rivals into a false sense of security that invites them to unintentionally share information. That’s when the Negreanu wolf in sheep’s clothing attacks and rips his victim apart.

#2 Patrik Antonius

Our number 2 is the Finn Antonius, who also takes the title of most terrifying face in the world of poker . His stern facial expression must be having quite an impact, as he continues to be one of the dominators of the poker scene.

Many fans of Antonius claim that it is impossible to know what he feels or thinks due to his ice-cold gaze , something that most likely has to do with his home country, where he is so common.

The player began his professional career in 2005, when he reached the final table of the EPT Main Event. His pinnacle moment came in 2009, when he scooped the biggest prize in online poker.

#1 Liv Boeree

Vanessa Selbst described Liv Boeree ‘s poker face as a look she uses to look past her opponent’s eyes, all the way into their soul . We could not agree more with this statement, which is why we have placed it in the top 1.

The British player has more than enough reasons to have perfected her poker face to such an extent : she has had professional trainers such as Annie Duke or Phil Hellmuth. Boeree’s most notable achievement would come in 2017, when she clinched the WSOP bracelet in a Tag Team event.