4 tips to help you go from live to online poker

Is it better to play live poker or online poker? Surely many of our users have asked this question at some time. It is possible that even you have done it.

While live poker tournaments have traditionally been hugely successful around the world, online poker tournaments have received a major boost from operators in recent years.

In fact, the number of tournaments and tables to play at have multiplied exponentially , as has the number of new internet poker sites where you can enjoy this card game.

There are many reasons why this is so. One of them is that poker players who have always played in person are now being forced to play online to continue their careers as professionals in this casino game.

In this sense, while you might think that the transition from live poker to online poker is relatively easy, you are wrong. There are quite a few aspects that one must change and be prepared for if you want to have any success playing at real money poker rooms online.

So, below we are going to offer you four tips or advice completely free of charge that will help you in the transition from face-to-face gaming to online gaming .

The speed of the game is much higher

Poker games at the best online poker rooms tend to run at a high pace compared to live games. In fact, in a live poker game, 25 to 30 hands are dealt per hour. This aspect is completely different if we talk about playing online, since in this modality between 60 and 80 hands are distributed every hour .

Online poker games also tend to have a lot less downtime between hands compared to live poker games. This aspect is even more noticeable if you participate in tournaments or multi-table games, where you will be playing several games at the same time.

Start from the bottom

Considering that you are still new to the online poker segment, you should be very careful when using your bankroll. It is advisable to start playing at tables and tournaments with low stakes , such as between €0.10 and €0.50.

Novice users usually play at these bet levels, so you will be facing opponents of your level and, consequently, being able to adapt to this modality in better conditions .

Use online poker tools

Unlike live poker, which mainly depends on the players’ own skills, when you participate in virtual tables you can use different tools to improve your game .

Examples of these tools are tracking programs such as Hold’em Manager and Poker Tracker, as well as software defined as “solver” or solvers such as Simple Postflop and PIO Solver, which will help you make better decisions. Find time to learn how to use these tools, as they could be of great help to you at certain times.

Good setup is key

Finally, since you are making the transition to online gaming, you should get a computer and settings that allow you to enjoy smooth and quality playback . This does not necessarily mean that you have to invest in expensive equipment or mobile devices , but rather that you have the guarantee that your game will not be interrupted and that you will be comfortable while playing.

If you play any of the poker variants from home, you can start out using a dual monitor setup, or you can also use a laptop and add an external monitor to it. In this way, you will be able to play at several tables at the same time with ease. Also, for greater convenience, get yourself a comfortable table and chair, where you can spend long periods of time playing.